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Soner | Kurtuluş Kiliseleri Derneği

Kurtuluş Kiliseleri Derneği

In the year of 1969 I was born in Ankara. When I was 16 years old I met a Korean man. He was teaching Taekwondo in our neighborhood and I was very much eager to be his student too. Although my life was going through some hardships in those times, I still went and registered. I was the boy of a poor family, unsuccessful at school, and kind of lost in the world of construction. I didn?t have a very good relationship with my family. In spite of all these, I was normally very much willing for my life to have a meaning.

I was very happy learning the Taekwondo. I was learning it, but my life was still the same, nothing changed and it didn?t go the way I wanted. One Sacrificial Feast, I visited my Korean trainer at home. That day he asked me why we were cutting and sacrificing the aninmals on that feast. Of course I gave him an answer according to the Muslim way. But he asked me again that question and this time was a bit different: ?Why did God want to sacrifice His Son?

When he asked me that way, it was very strange and I started to do some research on it. First I searched more the Muslim belief and then later on other beliefs. However, I couldn?t find a satisfying answer. As a result, I went back to him and asked him more questions, he in return, gave me more details and explanations on that topic. He started to say that the root of human problem was sin and that we cannot try to do good deeds out of that sinful situation, which in the end won?t save us. The only way to be saved was for a sacrifce to be done for our sins. God showed men, the way out from that sin throughout the whole Old Testament. But the real Sacrifice was ?Jesus Christ? and that was the Good News. I understood the Bible with my mind, but I didn?t accept it from my heart. I was able to notice something unusual about the Korean man?s approach to marriage and relationships which I?ve never seen before in my life. He was full of love. That kind of approach and behaviour was never seen before in other people involved in my life.

Later on, my life became worse. There was no more hope left. One day I decided that my life was meaningless. While being in this emptiness, I remembered about the movie of Jesus, the Korean man gave to me. After having watched the movie till the end I decided to give my life to Jesus, accepting that He was the only Salvation from my sins. The following day I went to my Korean friend and gave him the news about my decision. He was very happy about it and then we prayed together. The prayer we prayed together was very powerful. After that time of prayer I felt so much free of that burden of deceiving myself, that when I went home I told my family about my decision of becoming Christian. They showed very strong reaction. But I didn?t give up. It was a very hard year for me. They tried everything to make me turn away from my decision. However all those pressures instead of making turn away it made strenghtened me even more.

In my family it was my elder brother who showed the strongest reaction against my decision of becoming Christian. One day he wanted to come to one of our church services. After the service his thoughts were changed and he started to believe too. After he became a believer too, the pressures and problems I had in my family stopped. One year after his coming to Christ my younger sister gave her life to Jesus too. And after couple of years my younger brother was saved too. Later on my mother and father did and God did a lot of miracles in my family. God gave my life the true meaning. And that Good news that brought life and gave my life the real meaning I want to share with others. In the beginning I was able to work on printing books for children with the stories from the Bible, and write and print out magazines, later on being involved with the them who organized summer camps for them. I was able to write a Bible for the children too. Afterwards, I started working at Radio Shema. If God healed me and gave me a reason to live by forgiving my sins and setting me free, He can heal, save and give hope to everybody else. You also can enter into a search for such an important topic concerning your lives. God says in the Bible, book of Matthew 7:7?Ask and it will be given to you, look and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened? God is trustworthy. If you were to just have a small hunger in your hearts for Him, He will surely come to you and Show Himself to you. Amen!!!