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Ozcan | Kurtuluş Kiliseleri Derneği

Kurtuluş Kiliseleri Derneği

My name is Ozcan,

In the year of 1999, in April, I?ve accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I was a person who was raised in a Muslim family, trying to fulfill all the things requested in the religion such as: going to mosque, fasting, praying. However, in spite of doing all those things, I didn?t feel God and I was always in a search.

In the year of 1999, I went to a book fair, and as I was walking around I saw some Christian books on the stand. I started to get into a conversation with the people in charge of the book stand, and especially with one brother, I talked and asked questions about the Bible. So after being invited to the Jesus movie event, I left the place. I started to read the Bible and take notes of the questions I had about it. Couple of weeks later I took my friend and went to the Jesus? Movie Event at the Kurtulus Church in Ankara. I watched the movie, and was very touched by the scene with the adulturous woman, Jesus saw so much love and forgave her sins.

I was very touched and surprised because according to my knowledge only God could forgive sins, and the Prophet Jesus I knew about… couldn?t really do it. That is why it was a big shock to me. After the movie I chatted for a while at a glass of Turkish tea with the same person I met in the book?s Fair and asked a few questions. He encouraged me to watch the movie again and to continue to read the Bible. After our short conversation I went home. As I had some spare time I tried to read the Bible as much as I could, Normally I was a very busy person, I was in with tatoos and I was getting very tired.

The following weekend I went to church and for couple of weekends in a row. I became closer with the person I first met at the book?s fair and I started to invite him to come to my home for a visit. We watched Jesus Movie again and we paused it many times for him to answer to my questions. I was also able to go through the questions I have in my mind from the Bible.

I asked him questions until 4 am and the answers I got were very reasonable and touched my heart, that is why on the day of April 9th, 1999, in the morning at 4 am, I decided to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Afterwards I kept on going to the church, on Sunday service, to weekly meetings, prayer and bible studies meetings. I was always in the church.