Kurtuluş Kiliseleri Derneği


Servi Sok. 17/A
Kolej, Ankara

Telephone: 0535 366 31 31

E-mail: kilise@kurtulus.org.tr

Kurtulus Church is a church of Turkish Christians who long to see everyone experience the love of God.  Our purpose is for you to come to know God and to grow closer to him in an intimate personal relationship.

We would love to see you in our worship services as we celebrate God?s active role in our lives.

Kurtulus Church was founded in 1985 in Ankara.  Since then we have planted new congregations and invited other churches to join the Kurtulus family.  We are a family of congregations that supports one another.  We are actively working and praying to see this family grow throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.